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BluSpace connects female managers to a curated network of coaches who enable accelerated growth and foster mental well-being 

For Women, Anywhere, at Anytime.

Our Doctors

How does BluSpace work?

How it Works

Our model ensures success 

Curated Professional Coaches

We hold our coaches to the highest standards. They are all qualified and have experience with issues that women and women of color experience at the workplace.

Customized and Confidential Support

An experienced and professional Coach works with female employees. Coaching sessions can be customized to each client based on their specific needs. 



Our coaches are available anytime you need to discuss work related issues and challenges. Get unbiased, objective opinion and feel more positive.

Accelerated Growth and Development

Employees overcome the hurdles and behaviors holding them back and discover the potential they have to make a real impact on themselves and their teams.

Our Coaches have expertise in critical areas

Mental Well-being

Work / Life Balance

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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