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Support. Engage. Retain

Women and women of color identify lack of support from managers and leadership as a key reason to barrier to advancement.

Strategic investment in professional coaching signals to employees that their organization is committed to their success and development. 

Our solution allows for transformative changes

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Organizational Change 

Leadership Development

BluSpace offers a safe space for black women and women of color find a safe and confidential platform where they can have candid conversations about their concerns 

BluSpace coaches enable employees to become more resilient leaders so they are able to adapt to ever changing work environment 

BluSpace coaches promote a positive mindset which in turn builds a pipeline of engaged leaders, inclined to succeed  and stay at their organizations

Access to a dashboard reflecting metrics on frequency of usage of BluSpace, satisfaction level and ratings 

Insights derived from anonymous behavioral data to show trends, themes and common issues 

Quantitative metrics such as ROI, Net Promoter Score and trends in retention, productivity and engagement

BluSpace provides unprecedented insights

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